We have met with both doctors here and we LOVE it! They are fear certified and know how to handle animals lovingly. They always are here to listen to our concerns and have provided us with every option, from inexpensive to the most expensive. It’s much appreciated knowing everything that we might not have known before. We care for our pup deeply and we’re happy they feel the same!
-Danielle B.

I am thrilled with the service I got from my first phone call to the visit. The receptionist took her time with me as we scheduled three separate appointments for each of my cats and my dog. The simple new pet paperwork was available online, so I could fill it out prior to the visit. The vet was kindly apologetic for our short wait and interacted superbly with my pet. I never thought that my pet was uncomfortable in any way during this visit. She was thorough and has a delightful manner, and I never felt pressured to spend more than I needed to – she actually suggested some cost saving measures for me. Since I drive in right after work, there is always the chance I can be a few minutes late… the staff informed me that if I just give them a call, they’d gladly hold the room for my appointment instead of taking another pet back as long as they know we’re en route. How fantastic! I can’t wait to establish all my pets at this practice. Highly recommended.
-Danielle W.

Love Hilton, the vets take a special interest in you and your pets to give you the best care possible!
-Kathryn S.

Very friendly and attentive staff. Doctor was great, very nice person and clearly a dog lover. Will certainly be using them again in the future if/when needed.
-Tyler H.

My dog is scared of everything and very shy around new people. But he feels so comfortable here and warmed up to the staff really quickly. They’re the best!
-Marshall C.

Great experience for sure squeezed us in and every staff member showed sincere compassion for my baby boy!
-Lori D.

Jack and I loved the vet! What an amazing clinic. While we were waiting Jack received treats, a chew toy, a bandana and LOTS of love from the receptionist and techs. He really had his charm going. Once in the room, he was spoiled even more with a blanket to lay on instead of the floor, peanut butter and squeeze cheese! Everyone was considerate and patient with Jack to help him feel as comfortable as possible. At his previous vets office, he would be a nervous wreck from the moment we walked through the door until the time we left and would get an insane amount of dandruff would spring up out of nowhere. There would be no way he would take a treat or do tricks from being so overwhelmed. They would also take your dog to the “back” for their procedures, which I was always uncomfortable with. After visiting Hilton Veterinary clinic, I couldn’t believe the transformation. Jack ate his treats and did ALL of his tricks for the vet. Oh, and no dandruff! Jack and I stayed in the same room the entire time, which I think helped him feel more secure. We were even accommodated while we were leaving and there was another dog in the waiting room – we got to leave through the back so that there wasn’t any worry of a confrontation. With all of these extra touches, you would think the vet bill would be expensive. To my surprise it was comparable to his old vet! Their office is clean and just the right size. Parking is great and you don’t have to worry about an overcrowded, loud waiting room. 

We will be back to Hilton Veterinary Clinic and I could not recommend them enough!!
-Megan K.

Everyone is friendly and take great care of your pets! They are “Fear free” and go out of their way to make your pets feel as comfortable as possible. Reasonably priced and try to make things as affordable as possible. Amazing!
-Lauren W.

Dr. Betsy and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They do their best to offer value by suggesting options that work for your budget. They take their time to offer a personal service and never rush talking over any conditions your pet has. They have helped us immensely with our cat, Fozzy, who has issues with food and digestion. Definitely recommend this Vet.
-Beck C.

I am so happy we found Dr. Betsy and this clinic. All of the staff are such kind, patient people, and you can immediately tell how much they love and care for the animals they see. The prices are average for their services, which is great for the high quality of care they provide.
-Megan P.

This place is so awesome everyone was wonderful from the front desk to the exam room everyone. They helped my little fur baby by determined that he has a bad allergies. Thank you to everyone so much for everything you have done for him. This place is so great they made a very stressful situation for my beloved pet more comfortable for him. Thanks again to the staff and Dr. Betsy Schnur.
-Daisy T.

Loved the doctor and the staff, they were so sweet to our kitty, who was not feeling well. They are definitely our family vet now!
-Jennifer H.

I can’t speak highly enough of the veterinarian. She is amazing and answered all of our questions and took time with our puppy Jasper. The veterinarian is very knowledgeable and helpful! I love this vet and all the staff!
-Christopher A.